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Advancing Coherent and Equitable Systems of Science Education (ACESSE)

The Advancing Coherent and Equitable Systems of Science Education (ACESSE, or “access”) project brings together partners from educational research and practice to promote equity and coherence in science education. The project is based on a deep collaboration between the Council of State Science Supervisors, the University of Washington, and the University of Colorado Boulder


Systems in need of transformation can promote inequities. Educators are also frequently asked to implement state and local initiatives that do not share a common vision for teaching and learning or cohere with one another. This incoherence can reinforce educational inequities. It provides an extra challenge for schools that are already struggling with accountability pressures or assessment systems.  


The ACESSE project has been bringing together educators and researchers to collaboratively research, develop, and promote strategies to make science education more coherent and equitable. Strategies and resources that come from this project are being shared around the country through networks of science education leaders. The strategies are grounded in the vision of A Framework for K-12 Education. The ACESSE Project is funded by the National Science Foundation under multiple phases of grant funding. 

  • Phase 1 went from 2016-2019 and focused on formative assessment as a leverage point for improvement (NSF grant #1561300). 

  • Phase 2 is underway and will occur between 2019-2023 with a focus on the adaptation of instructional materials as a leverage point for improvement (NSF grant #1920249).

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